Meet Erica McClenny
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Martin Brossman Over 15 years of sales and management experience provided Erica a window into the mind of the business owner, local consumer habits and traditional Internet marketing ideas. Erica embraced the growing trend of social conversation and recognized the need for education and unique offers to explode her database into sales and word of mouth advocates. Her passion lies in collaborating with businesses to build strategies around employee input, customer feedback and cultivating those spheres of influence to build a viral consumer base leading to bottom line retention. Erica believes that value should come before advertisement.

Real life experience mixed with social marketing campaigns and online conversation gives Erica the edge needed to aide enterprise businesses in developing high yield engagements, with seamless customer conversion in today's ever changing channels.

Erica's contact information:
  • Phone:  (919) 389-8702
  • E-Mail:  

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