Meet Dave Park
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Dave Park Dave Park has been in, out, under, and around the construction business for the last 32 years designing, building, constructing, developing and inspecting over 1600 homes, neighborhoods and commercial buildings. Dave owns Revere Construction Management, Williams & Park, Inc. and Advantage Home Inspection Raleigh. Dave is also under contract with POWRsoft to develop and implement marketing strategies for a national release and sustained growth.

Dave holds a contractor's license in Florida and North Carolina, a North Carolina Home Inspectors license, and a North Carolina Real Estate License. Dave is an instructor teaching class seminars in Home Construction 101, Home Inspection 102, Home Warranty 411 and Risk Management 911. He also lectures on "point marketing" and "impact dynamics".

As a specialist in discovery, disclosure, and documentation of residential concerns, Dave has just completed his new book "Business in the Crawl Space".

Dave's seminars are intended to assist buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, lawyers and home inspectors in understanding the issues involved in blending the inspector's input into the decisions about the transaction. They also help integrate business structures into action plans. Disclaimer: Dave's seminars should only be used as a guide to generate thought-provoking and educational stuff! Do More, Give More, Be More. M3

Dave's contact information:
  • Phone:  (910) 850-2526
  • E-Mail:  
  • Website:
  • Website:

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