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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Will Rogers once described an Expert as "a man fifty miles from home with a briefcase". Mark Twain would chuckle when he defined an Authority as "an ordinary fellow from another town". And Martin H. Fisher describes a specialist as "a man who fears the other subjects".

Today the words "Expert", "Authority" and "Specialist" are being tossed around like a bean bag in a game of "corn-hole" on the beach. They use these words to develop and enhance their relative value of an opinion when no objective criteria for their expertise is available or visible in today's business market ... Meet the Mavericks!

Mavericks are people that exhibit great independence in thought and action. They are different than a Specialist, Expert or Authority in that they not only are able to solve a problem but they know its solution, provide direction and integrate purpose. A Maverick wants to achieve something grandeur than a simple revolution. They want to provide and accomplish more than expected ... they always drive ... they always reach ... they always give.

Levi Strauss said "An expert knows all the answers ... if you ask the right questions".." A Maverick is not like anyone else. Through curiosity they discover opportunities, and by risk they take advantage of those opportunities. You've heard the expression "Put Up or Shut Up".

Let's just say we are all in . . . Your Move!

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